Anti-Torsion Water Delivery Hose

£1.40£20.80 per metre

Anti-Torsion Water Delivery HoseExceptional product for various means of water supply and irrigation, domestic or industrial.

(ins) (mm)
Max continuous
Length (m)


Anti-Torsion Water Delivery Hose

Anti-Torsion Water Delivery Hose is an exceptional water hose made up of 5 layers.

Cadmium and Barium free this all PVC hose has a flexible, UV resistant exterior, a smooth inner for optimal flow and the intermediate layer is produced with 100% recycled PVC.

Reinforced with special anti-torsion technology designed to reduce torsion under pressure, additional reinforcement for hoses up to an inner diameter of 25mm provided via polyester fibre and for any sizes above braided reinforcement is in place.

Available up to a maximum 50/100 metre coil and you can purchase by the metre, simply add the required number of metres to your shopping cart and our courteous and professional team will cut it to your requirements and our courier will deliver in a single continuous length.

Suitable for various industrial and domestic water supply and irrigation, this premium Anti-Torsion Water Delivery Hose is part of Hose Worlds extensive Water Hose Range.

Available in a variety of sizes also available for next working day delivery.

I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) W.P. (psi) W.P. (bar) Maximum Length (mtr)
12.5 17.5 175 12 100
15 20.5 175 12 100
19 25.5 175 12 100
25 32.5 120 8 100
32 42 120 8 50
38 48 120 8 50
40 51 120 8 50
50 63 120 8 50

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